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More on the summer sewing fun

July 17, 2014

What a great week. My advanced student is making great progress on her project and learning a variety of seam treatments along the way. She has done several encased and bound seam treatments on this project. It’s a very filmy fabric, which adds to the complexity of the project. DSC_0002This student gets a lot done both in class, and at home. I never hesitate to push her a bit to stretch her capabilities and she’s always up to the challenge. Tomorrow, we do a little disassembly on a previous project, to see if we can find a better fit. 

Another student, who I hope to see again is a very independent and aggressive learner. Unlike students who get the cart ahead of the horse and have to seam-rip excessively because they didn’t wait for instructions, she listens attentively and acts immediately. Despite the fact that she is busy with athletics this summer also, when I suggested that she make a duplicate project at home, DSC_0009to insure she was grasping the concepts, she surprised me by bringing it in the next day….. COMPLETED! DSC_0011She has finished a third project and tomorrow, will complete a fourth! That’s a first for one of my beginners.DSC_0019 What a go-getter.


This student zipped through her first project, DSC_0006to be sure she had the basics down pat, and then dove into her real passion for sewing right now, clothes for her American Girl Doll. DSC_0016 These aren’t easy to make and I’m putting fairly close-up pics so you can see that she has done nice seam finishing with seam tape and narrow hems or shirttail hems and sewn-in velcro. DSC_0017 BTW, yes, that is stretch knit and those are 1/4″ seams.DSC_0018That’s no small challenge with a sewing machine, not a serger. 

Check out this final student’s work. DSC_0010

She made a beautiful pencil skirt that looks custom tailored. She worked diligently to get every seam correct and a great fit. She was determined to fix any error and complete any repetitive work at home, to make the most of class time. The hem is a blind hem done without a blind hem foot. I am proud of her. That was a real challenge for a beginner, and something many folks come to me to learn. Tomorrow; a clutch bag!


Almost everyone did a little hand-sewing today to give their projects a little polish and to finish some facings. DSC_0014Tomorrow is the last day of this session and I’ll miss these girls and their commitment to learning to sew. I’ve loved this week.


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