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Wonderful quilt guild meeting

August 19, 2014

Tonight the quilt guild I’m a member of had our Aug. meeting. For 2 hours before the meeting, we tied quilts. These quilts are held for the possibility that a family has a housefire and gets burned out of their home. When this happens our guild loving envelops the family with a handmade quilt (metaphorically). I have been wanting to get back into philanthropic sewing and tonight was the beginning of that. The women in the guild are so generous of spirit, that they inspire me. Loved our meeting.

Despite the generosity of spirit, it’s hard to get volunteers for some things. One of those is serving as an officer. As a result, my friend, Bernadette, and I volunteered to be program co-chairs for this year. I’ve very excited. We will do a wonderful job. Bernadette is fun and energetic. Yippee 😀

We also sew quilts for the residents of the local nursing home and I brought home squares to make a lap quilt top….. maybe the entire quilt. We’ll see how quickly I can get it done. Remember, our house is not finished and we are living in it with no power in the sewing room and our kids are coming and bringing our grandson with them. We will be busy getting ready for that visit, as the grandson is a new crawler.

Registrations for the September sewing classes in Short Pump and Chesterfield are coming along, but if we are to have an after-school class at either location, I’ll need a few more registrants.

Gotta go sew, while the adrenaline level is high. 

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