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November in the sewing studio

November 6, 2014

What’s going on in the sewing studio? It’s been very sporadic for the past 2 weeks simply because we just had Christmas and Thanksgiving. Yes, you read that right. Our family is spread across half the united states, living in 4 separate states and we had to ask the kids to travel in heavy holiday traffic and pay increased holiday rates to come home during the holiday seasons. So, we made our own date, well before the Christmas and Thanksgiving holiday season and celebrated our faith, our family and our blessings. It did mean down time in the studio and I’ve missed posting progress. So, let’s see what’s going on in the studio.

My quilt guild is making patriotic quilts for the lady veterans in our county. They are not “Quilts of Valor”, though that is a wonderful project. We didn’t want our quilts to have to be exactly to their specs, so we ventured out on our own. We are trying to work in buddy groups to produce 11-12 quilts. I’ve worked with a partner and gotten the squares done for one quilt using the “Churn dash” pattern. DSC_0008

It’s easy to make and I’ve done a .pdf tutorial that I’ll try to upload here: churn dash

Once we finished these blocks and were ready to put the quilt together, we couldn’t find the color fabric we wanted to put between the squares (sashing), so we’ve ordered it and will get back to this. Once we finished the Churn Dash squares, we decided to do a disappearing 9-patch quilt and in one day, sewed all the 9-patches for this project. Now, they have to be cut and re-assembled to create the “disappearing” effect. Here is the .pdf tutorial for the disappearing 9-patch. Disappear 9-patch In this tutorial, the possible combinations (some of them) are on the first page, and the instructions on the second.

Once we got these done, I worked on some sewn Christmas ornaments that I saw on youtube. I haven’t actually tried to upload a youtube video before, but let’s see if this works:

The tutorial is very clear and it’s a very easy ornament, that I thought was very elegant looking. BTW, it’s taught by a very talented man and his sewing machine is a beautiful vintage machine.

Today, I head to Richmond to begin a new series of beginner’s sewing classes. We meet on Thursdays at the Short Pump Hobby Lobby. The class is full this month, but I am registering for January already and there have been many inquiries about that class already, so book early. The Chesterfield class in January meets on Wednesday evenings and I had to cancel that class due to insufficient registration. I did find out why enrollment has been low, and believe the problem has been remedied. Remember that registration closes on the 20th of the month prior to the month your class beings in.

Other news, is that I’m also registering at this time for the kids sewing camp between Christmas and into the new year. The dates for the HO-HO-HOliday sewing camp are 12/26,29,30,31 and 1/2. That’s a whole week of sewing fun. Because I have gift certificates, you can give this camp as a Christmas present. What a great way to spend the Christmas vacation. The kids usually have a blast and make several projects. The cost is $250. Each student also needs a $50 gift card to Hobby Lobby, to buy their supplies for the week. There is a morning class at the Short Pump Hobby Lobby and an afternoon class at the Chesterfield Hobby Lobby. Join us?

If you are interested in classes or the HO-HO-HOliday camp, please call me at 804.313.9717 or email me at

I not only want to teach you to sew; I want to teach you to LOVE sewing ❤

Gotta go. There is fun to be had in the studio. 😀

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  1. Chaka permalink
    November 17, 2014 3:13 pm

    Nice. I’m happy that we, lady veterans, are being thought of.

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