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Great fun in the studio today

November 13, 2014

The kids in the afterschool class finished their Machine-sewn Christmas ornaments. You can see the tutorial in a previous post. They did a great job and loved their ornaments. Week 2 of their class was about finishing those, and cutting for their zippered pillow covers. So, we squared up their fabric and cut it out for next week. These 8-year olds will learn to install their first zipper. From there, it’s 3 simple, straight seams to a finished pillow cover. I’ll try to remember to take pictures next week, so you can watch their progress.

In the adult class this evening, we discovered that half the students had Dritz tracing paper that didn’t even show up on their fabric and they had to cut their patterns, rather than tracing and saving their patterns. Tracing paper is funny. Sometimes, you buy one that’s got plenty of pigment on it and others……. well, it doesn’t work out that way 😦  We did also covered how to mark darts and how to sew darts. My Liquid Stitch dried up within about 6 months of the purchase date. DARN. I hate when a product doesn’t last like it should. I need to get something to glue the knots on the bottom of darts.

I do have a place to teach private sewing lessons on Thursdays and on some Wednesdays, if you are looking for private lessons. Many of you just need refresher courses, not to enroll in a whole class. You just need to learn how to use that new sewing machine you got and were too busy to learn how to use. I can get you up and going in no time!

Sorry no photos tonight, but the classes were fun and I always enjoy working with my students. See you next week, if not sooner. We are working on some quilts for the nursing home, for the lady veterans in our county and for “fire quilts” to give to folks when there houses burn down. Keep us in your prayers.

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