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Work in the current class 1/2015

January 19, 2015


Here the student putting both threads under the pressure foot and toward the back of the machine. This is a drop-in bobbin machine.


After learning the basics of a straight stitch and sewing a straight line, students are encouraged to explore the various stitches their machines will sew.


This is a good placement for the hands when sewing. This student has her right hand well away from the needle, while still maintaining control of the fabric and the left hand is following the contours of the machine for help maintaining a straight line.


Sewing a perfect, straight line is something that takes a little bit of practice and class is a great place to begin

I’ve been really having a great time both working with my sewing students and enjoying the new grandbaby, so I haven’t posted many pictures lately. Tonight, however, I’m posting pictures of the January class in Short Pump.


This is “perfect” placement of the hands for sewing. Notice the left hand is completely on the side of the machine and the right hand exercises a very light touch, releasing the fabric when it reaches the front of the sewing table, or the bobbin compartment cover.

Though they look very similar, if you click on the photo, you’ll see an explanation of why they are each posted. We complete the current class on the last Thursday in January and because I’m on vacation for two weeks in February, I’m beginning the next session in March. We will meet on Thursdays if you choose to be in the Short Pump class and on Wednesdays if you choose to be in the Chesterfield class.

The folks in the January class will have the option to add 2 weeks to their current class if they want to go a bit farther before I leave for vacation. I can only off the extra two weeks if 2 of the 3 students choose to add. There is also an afternoon “after-school) class that meets on the same days for kids from 8-16.


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