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Last week of the Jan Beginners Sewing class 2015

January 30, 2015

Now that the PJ’s are cut out, the kids began to sew the inner leg seams and the center seams. DSC_0016 DSC_0017 The did the first one in class and in some cases, did the second at home. DSC_0018 DSC_0019 Here, one student is admiring her pinning of the center seam.DSC_0020While another sews the outer leg seams. Great job!

DSC_0033 This plaid fabric is the same on both sides, or appears to be. This makes sewing the garment more difficult if the student doesn’t mark “right” or “wrong” side of fabric. It’s easy to wind up with two left pants legs. (I’m speaking from experience here)DSC_0032 This student is working on easing the skirt to fit the facing.DSC_0031 She did a nice job of it.

It was difficult to tell the right and wrong sides of the fabric with this linen, but the student marked one side with tailor’s chalk. DSC_0030

Here, you see the facing pieces which have had the interfacing fused. This student is trimming away excess interfacing.

DSC_0028 DSC_0027 One student, in particular was grasping the concepts and working diligently to stay ahead of the game, but her machine just wouldn’t co-operate. DSC_0026 DSC_0025 Here, she is easing the skirt to the facing.

But here, you can see she was getting some funky, loose stitches. We checked the bobbin, made sure the thread was properly in the needle arm, checked the tension, presser foot and could not find the problem. When I sat at the machine, it usually behaved, but when the student sat at the machine, it wouldn’t. DSC_0023

My recommendation when you just can’t figure out why it isn’t working is to turn it off, unthread the machine and completely rethread the upper and bobbin thread. This usually fixes problems we can’t find. Not so with this machine!

Finally, I reminded the studentDSC_0022  how much I hate plastic bobbins. Even when a machine comes with plastic bobbins, sometimes, they just-don’t-work!DSC_0021After several classes of struggling with this, I finally loaned her one of my metal bobbins and she had no more problems, even though both bobbins were class 15 bobbins. DSC_0024

All’s well that ends well 😀

Looking forward to the next round of classes, which begin in March at the Chesterfield location and March 5 at the Short Pump location. All registrations close on 2/20 and spaces are already booked, so you need to get your spot in class now.

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