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The Beginner’s Sewing class – Richmond, VA

March 29, 2015

We are having a great time in the beginner’s sewing class. The first night of class, one dear student encountered every possible problem you can encounter on a first night. My philosophy is always that you should make every possible, naturally occuring mistake in class, so you learn to correct them before you are alone at home and have no one to show you how. So, when the mistakes occurred, I used that as an opportunity to teach everyone how to overcome those errors. I think it was too much for that particular student. Phooey. I’m sorry.

The second week, a different student was in that same position. She, however considered each problem a learning opportunity and was able to overcome the embarrassment of having everyone know she had another roadblock in her progress and she learned a lot from her mistakes, as did everyone else.DSC_0015Here, one student is laying out her pattern. Using the solid black fabric is a little different than using a fabric that has an obvious inside and outside aspect of it, but this student is doing great with this.  DSC_0016 Here is an example of a student using the grain line to be sure the linear patterns on the skirt are straight on the skirt. DSC_0017 You can see we have plenty of room for 5-6 students and everyone is fast at work.DSC_0018 DSC_0019Here are the 4 pieces of this skirt once they have been cut out. They are awaiting the transfer of pattern markings. DSC_0020 This student is transferring the dart lines to the wrong side of the fabric, so she can use them to sew the darts. DSC_0021 The darts drawnDSC_0022and sewn (before pressing).

The third week of class, things started to click for everyone! This is a great group of students and I’m LOVING working with such eager minds. The students installed the zippers this week. DSC_0023 One the zipper is installed, students try on their skirts and make any necessary alterations. This student is marking the skirt for cutting, after she has taken it in. DSC_0024 Here is a close-up of her marking for cutting away the excess fabric.DSC_0025This student chose a fabric with horizontal lines. She was very careful about matching those lines up, so the skirt’s pattern continues from front back, and across the zipper properly. Well done! DSC_0026Here you can see one of the students admiring the wonderful job she did on her zipper. DSC_0027 And the great fun of zipping and unzipping the zipper once you’ve installed it successfully. It’s such a triumphant feeling.DSC_0028After trying on and if necessary, altering the skirts, the students fused the facing and interfacing and sewed the two together. We will attach those to the skirts in week 4 and hem the skirts. Everyone is on track for a successfully completed skirt.

I do hope that some of these students will continue on into the May class for more in-depth instruction. It’s such a pleasure working with them.

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