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pics….. later than promised

February 24, 2016

Though it took nearly a week, here are the pics, as promised. This is the Beckley, WV class. I have two moms and a 7-year-old. That’s not my typical class. Generally, the classes are either adults (16&up) or kids, or mother-daughter classes, which are sometimes mother, grandmother, daughter classes.

The ladies in the class did pencil skirts. Here is week 2, as we are tracing the patterns and cutting out.

The following week, we did darts. DSC_0003 And then we installed our zippers, sewed up the sides the following week. And this week, we fused our facing and interfacing, attached the interfacing and checked for fit. My younger student has done her inner and outer seams and the crotch seam.

Here, you can see one of the skirts just an hour from completion. When we return, I’ll teach this student to blind hem. The pink PJ’s will get elastic next time and will be hemmed. The black skirt will have the facing/interfacing done, then we will hem. It’s been a very fun class. As you can see, a very handsome man helps me get my machines and equipment into the classroom and safely home again each week. This past week, as my husband was wandering the store after delivering me to my class he had a very flirtatious encounter. A lady, aisles away, saw my sweetie looking at all things chicken and came hurtling at him from across the store to pick up a conversation with him. “What color chickens do you like?”,  “Where are you from?”, “Let me tell you about…….” He finally sort of tucked his head and swooped around her and loped for the exit and into the car. Hahaha. I had just given him a lovely haircut and he must have exuded confidence and sophistication 😀


Our local fabric store owner is hosting a Jelly Roll race in March, and I’m looking forward to participating. I don’t really want to just zip through strip after strip of jelly roll, so I’m looking for a fun twist to make it fun. Maybe I could do some blocks using the strips, or maybe one of my very young students would like to pair up with me and we could be a team to produce a quilt together. I like to encourage the kids to begin joining a quilting group at a very young age. Perhaps I’ll encourage our adult group to host the kids periodically, or try to begin a quilt with a kid day once a month or so.   Food for thought.

Have a good week. I’ll try to post again soon.

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