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Teaching quilting

March 13, 2016

Yesterday I participated in a quilting race in my community. We were all doing jelly roll quilts. It’s a very quick method and can produce very simple quilts, or some that look a bit more complex.

As you know, I teach adults and kids and I have a 10 year old student who I thought would be very inspired by this contest, so I offered to team up with her so she could compete/participate. She did. I did a small amount of the work, to get her started and show her the ropes, then she did the sewing and I just cut for her and ironed for her so she could just plough through the sewing. IMG_1967

She did a great job. I showed her how to do a pair of half square triangles, use halves of each one to produce something like a churn dash for the center of the quilt, then used the strip of 4 sewn together as the strip pieces that would be used to produce a log cabin. I’m attaching a photo, so you can see. She did a beautiful job. I’ll attach photos of some of my friends participating in the day and the quilts produced.

Her success in the workshop has motivated us to offer a similar workshop later in the year for adult quilters to be matched up with kid quilters to a similar fun day, inspiring the next generation of quilters and helping them find their place in their local quilting community. I love teaching sewing and quilting!

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