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Make-up Classes – In this studio, if you sign up for a class, and miss a day, you may book a private lesson to make up the missed class. Private lessons are $50.00/hr. We can generally make-up a class missed in a one-hour private lesson. If there is another class that is at the same place in a project as the lesson you have missed, the instructor may invite you into another of his/her classes to do so. Please check your schedule and be sure you are available for the class dates/times you are booking. Instructors may not book students into other instructor’s classes as make-ups.

You sign up for a class, which is a specific date and time. The instructor is paid to present a lesson and assist a group of students in grasping that concept and applying it at that day/time. If the instructor comes to class and teaches the concepts which s/he has spent time preparing for you, or your classmates, it should never be expected that the instructor will also, then take his/her personal time to do this privately, or as a group in unpaid time because you missed the class. That’s a private lesson, and should be booked as such. The instructor honored his/her contract.

It’s a tough thing to do to an instructor to tell them that you will dump them, if they don’t donate a make-up class to you. People get sick, over booked, invited to recitals, etc. Your instructor understands this, and will work with you to do everything possible to insure you complete your project in class. You must do your part also.

Your instructor has a life that has sickness, a busy schedule, and invitations also, which may from time to time require a re-schedule. In that situation, the instructor is expected to hold class on the next spot on the calendar which corresponds to the day/time as the class missed. In this studio, the instructor will present a very dedicated lesson during the time slot that he/she is contracted for.

Private lessons are booked and committed to by both parties. Cancellation of private lessons with less than 24 hours notice requires payment for the lesson. Nonpayment will result in a termination of relationship between the studio and client. Repeated re-schedules that result in ‘dead’ time in the studio will ultimately result in the same situation.

Classes begin at the designated time. Late students will need to catch up as the instructor has time for one-on-one in class.

Students need to come to class prepared to do the anticipated lesson. Coming to class without appropriate materials will necessitate payment of a materials fee sufficient to cover the additional materials required for the lesson.

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