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Great buys at Joann’s today and more on tracing

March 10, 2010

Just a quick note on the coupon commotion, and the specials at Joann’s this week. I have all those awesome coupons, so I went over to the new Joann’s at Westchester Commons  today to see if I could find anything for the dresses we are going to sew Sat., which is philanthropic sewing Sat. I found a lot of colorful cotton, that will be perfect for $1.99/yd! Did I buy 75 yards of fabric?  Definitely;0) We can easily get 25 dresses out of that, and there is no reason to pay more later. I also bought even more yards of the flannel, which is on a killer sale this week. KILLER!  That’s for the sewing classes. i use it in the After-school classes for middle school kids mostly, but definitely found some for PJ’s for my DH;0)

OK, back to tracing patterns.  Put the double sided chalkpaper between the layers of fabric, put your pattern on the fabric, and weight it with your fabric weights. Trace the pattern, using your tracing wheel. Be sure to trace all markings and notches also.  Trace your darts. Once you have finished, be sure to get out your chalk pencil, and number the fabric pieces with their pattern numbers.

When I’m working with a large group of kids, and I know we will tear up the pattern, we use a sharpee and simply trace through the pattern on the cutting line. NEVER trace with a sharpee for markings. I don’t recommend Sharpees, except for teachers, and shouldn’t recommend it for them. They should come up with their own bad ideas;0)

Next, we will be looking at the rotary cutter. See you then.

See below for some of the fabrics.

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